There are many different sports in world, and a wide range of athletes, from the weekend warrior to the professional career athlete.


Getting the most out of your life is important, and life is no fun when you have pain

Sports Training Clinics

Athlete's clinics are taught by Grandmaster Greg Yau. He has been a wellness instructor in San Francisco for over 15 years.

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Herbal Chi Balm

  • Stop Pain Fast – Unsurpassed Natural Pain Relief for Muscles, Joints, and Tendons. 
  • Sports Training – Energize your body during workouts – Use for faster recovery after workouts. Stop pain from injury.
  • Additional Uses - Soothing Massage – Dry Flaky Skin – Cuts – Scrapes – Skin Moisturizer. Contains no harmful substances or animal products. Used & endorsed by Doctors, and Professional Athletes.  

Herbal Chi Balm stands alone, and is a “one of a kind” product that really works. For years it was only sold through the Shaolin School of Health & Self Defence in San Francisco, CA, and now, for the first time, it is available to everyone. Try it on your aches and pains and see for yourself. We stand behind our product with a Full Money Back Guarantee.

Read about the dangers of commercial products that contain poisons that work against your body’s natural healing and energy matrix, have dangerous side effects, and actually decrease performance levels. Check out our sports training clinics. Our sports training clinics will teach you how to reach new levels of performance ability, and how to fully utilize your untapped internal energy, no matter what sport you play.

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Herbal Chi Balm Inventor Grandmaster Greg Yau talks to CNN Headline News Anchor Tracy Young about Shaolin and Herbal Chi Balm – Click Here


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